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The world has never been in so much trouble. We know it can be improved. Coordinated activists have the power to make a difference. Utopians collaborate to give communities a sustainable voice of transparent unity.

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Saving our Future

Build an opportunity to preserve our planet and values for future generations.

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Adopting Truth

Biology and technology share fundamental relationships that define everything experienced.

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Relax your community with transparent hope, strategy, and leadership.

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Utopians are relaxed explorers builders gamers everywhere

Imagining a better future isn't complicated. is an unregisterable global voluntary collaborative founded in the transparent pursuit of universal progress. Help define what it means to individually grow and improve our shared world.


Growing a better future.

Utopian: Mobile School
  • Goal: 2021
  • Raised: $0
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Utopium: Token of Saving
  • Goal: 2020
  • Raised: $0
Tayga: Health + AI + IT
  • Goal: 2023
  • Raised: $0

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Discover an international network of community activists.

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Jan 2
Utopian Review

Our annual review of goals, metrics, and outcomes.

May 1
Digital Meetup

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Aug 31
Utopian Q&A

Share a conversation with the developer and community. Limited availability.

Dec 24-25
Gaming Stream

Connect online in special holiday event streams. More details coming soon.

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Continuously Improving. Learn + Contribute.

Seeing Truth in 2020

Truth happens regardless of how much we care about it. By choosing to care about Truth, we define a starting point for thought.