Seeing Truth in 2020

Utopians work on improving our world. First, that means empowering ourselves individually. Growth starts through relaxation, into discovery, through work, into play, back through relaxation. The process of growth is continuous. Our way of thinking is based off a universal mathematical relationship between four values that exist everywhere, in everything, always. In computers and anything using electricity these values are commonly labeled as force, charge flow, power and resistance.

The Idea of Stuff for Now

The foundation of everything at the moment can be represented using the Ohm's law power wheel.

The wheel represents the highest relationship between power and force. Source: Wikimedia Commons

Caring about Definition

Just like electronics, our brains and bodies use these four values continuously, at every moment. By discovering how the values flow, we are empowered to grow ourselves. The labels force, flow, power, and resistance are words used to describe four separate but analogous values. Other words can be used to describe the same four values; When looking at the process in terms of art creation we can use the labels: Define, Plan, Design, and Build.

  1. Force: Define, Unity, Sound Pressure
  2. Flow: Plan, Light, Particle Velocity
  3. Power: Design, Work, Sound Intensity
  4. Resistance: Build, Matter, Acoustic Impedance

Understanding the relationship between these four values means learning about the nature of Truth. Utopians share our understanding of Truth to improve the quality of human life by imitating it.

Utopians Ape Truth

Truth happens regardless of how much we care about it. By choosing to care about Truth, we define a starting point for thought and establish a foundation for continuous growth. Our definition of the world shapes our ideas, feelings, and behavior. Starting at any place other than caring about definition leads to irrational behavior. By caring about and defining relaxation, Utopians become increasingly rational over time and are empowered to improve our world.

  1. Definition -> Utopians Relax
  2. Plan -> Utopians Discover
  3. Design -> Utopians Work
  4. Build -> Utopians Play

Released Jan 1, 2020. The information shared in this article comes from the Theory for Now, currently in development. Portrait of Sir Thomas More (1527) author of Utopia. Portrait by Hans Holbein the Younger.