Unraveling Poignancy

Designing collaborative communities requires creative leaders. By adopting truth we unlock the potential to develop our own imagination. Power becomes irrational when prioritized; Utopians approach the relationship between plan and design by pursuing relaxed discovery.

Drawing a Line

Force is analogous to definition. Definition requires distinction while power carries it. Utopians relax in an imitation of force to realize the distinction of power. The analogy of design can be understood as:

D = B x C2

Where D is Power, B is Resistance, and C is Flow. Energy was famously defined by Albert Einstein in the 20th century as E = M x C2 (Mass and Light-speed). Power has no point but it draws a line, beats a drum, and makes a movement. It enables the depth experienced when perspectives intersect and collaborate.

Sharing a Break

Utopians empower complexity by developing our creative abilities to build and relax our shared world. Our brain uses more energy than any other organ and demands attention. Individualism can be used as a powerful tool for conflict and irrational behavior. By remaining relaxed Utopians develop the rationality needed to lead modern complexity and problem solve. Even chaotic collaboration builds community and is analogous to classifications in thermodynamics and computation.

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April 2, 2021: "Unraveling Poignancy" is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.
Released January 7, 2021. Retitled March 1, 2021. The information shared in this article comes from the Theory for Now, currently in development. Tim Baldyga