Teaching from Home

Utopians are empowered through relaxed communication. By sharing truth we encourage others to adopt rational thinking. Truth is comparable with a lot of stuff, for example force exists as both electric potential difference and sound pressure. In the 19th century James Maxwell helped define modern electromagnetism and expressed the importance of physical analogies.

Force of Analogy

Utopians relax in an imitation of force, the primary definition for rational thinking, feeling, and behavior that supports individual growth over time. Force can be understood with a simple equation:

A = B x C

Where A is Force, B is Resistance, and C is Flow. Force was define by Issac Newton in the 17th century as F = M x A (Mass and Acceleration). An analogy is a comparison of two separate things typically for the purpose of clarification.

Accelerating Analogy

Utopians focus on relaxed discovery to move forward. Change can be overwhelming, but by remaining relaxed Utopians stay rational while facing potential difference.

Utopians are empowered by sharing truth. Sharing false information can hold power but only truth is permanent. Power can be understood with a simple equation:

D = A x C

Where D is power, A is Force and C is Flow. Utopians choose relaxed discovery of our shared universe as a means of working to celebrate the depth of analogy and have fun. Children have fun in design while Utopians grow to design fun. 🎊

Released August 4, 2020. The information shared in this article comes from the Theory for Now, currently in development.